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Lana's photoMy name is Lana Wuthenow. I am a hard-working person. If I determine to do something, I want it to be successful. I got my bachelor’s degree of Computer Science in February, 2007, New York. I searched the web for an online business. On September 14, 2007, I bought one of the online business products and gave it a try. That is how I started my first online business. Online Business Opportunities is the first website that I developed back then using Joomla.

Since I started my first online business, I’ve been learning a lot either on blogging or Internet marketing. Exploring The Internet is a self-hosted WordPress blog that I’ve created after. When I first started blogging with WordPress, I did not know much about it. However, I am a fast-learner. I can now install WordPress myself in the server and make-over the theme the way I like it. I even created my own theme using for this website: My Web Design Center. What do you think? Meaningful Blog is another blog that I’ve created with free Blogger.

My Internet Stuff is another blog that I’ve created using wordpress.com. It was developed for my own reference, but it may help you along your way too. Many times I just came back there, checked for the things I’ve done, and refreshed my own memory. Things such as how to make a useful table, color wheels for my own web-designed, seo tips, and etc.

I love to explore and learn new things on the Internet. It is so much fun! Moreover, I like to design my own website and have a touch-and-feel feeling with it. I am so busy everyday for I have three blogs and eleven websites to run. Here are two more websites that I’ve created (in between 2008 and 2009): Airline Ticket Auction and Antique Pocket Watches for Sale.

These are some websites that were created in 2010:

Safari Baby Bedding

Pop Up Camping Tent

Little Tikes Outdoor Toys

Vintage Star Wars Figures

Disney Park Hopper Tickets

Here is the more recent website that was created in 2011:

Weight Loss With Green Tea.com
Weight Loss With Green Tea.net

If you would like to learn more about me, then you have to read my blogs to find out what I am doing… I also offer web-design for people who are interested. For more details, head over to My Web Design Center. Any questions, feel free to contact me through my Contact Us.